About ReStart Homes

We’re a local, family owned business based out of Easton, PA.  Being local, we understand the market here and the unique needs of sellers which enables us to craft offers that work and we walk with sellers each step of the way. Having lived in the Lehigh Valley for 20 years, we strive to help homeowners out of difficult situations. ReStart Homes  can give a couple different offers for your situation to save you time and money and we do buy properties for fair, cash prices all over the Lehigh Valley, PA area. Whether it be your personal home, a rental, or inherited property, ReStart Homes LLC can help! Want to learn more about ReStart Homes LLC?

Our Story

Scott & Jessica Holwick have been living in, raising their kids in, and serving the local community for 15 years. Bringing together a perfect partnership of design, management, and authentic, caring family values they have created a flourishing local business which meets many important needs.

Scott brings the construction expertise and fine craftsmanship to the business which he developed from home remodeling and fine furniture building, while Jessica provides the design work and staging services.

Prior to founding ReStart Homes, Jessica began working with a builder while studying design that delivers on both functionality and beauty at the University of London, Ontario. At the time Scott had his own business as an illustrator and graphic designer. They met at a local church and soon after Jessica left university they married and were soon blessed with children.

Today they love blessing others with their talents and the benefit of their experience as they pursue their passion of home remodeling and real estate through flipping and renovating homes together.

Jessica and Scott Holwick have built ReStart Homes to fill a void in the market, by bringing personal service to one of the most important parts of life (our homes), creating a culture of respecting and truly helping home buyers and sellers, and doing a beautiful job in the process.

Scott and Jessica love being active in the business, carefully curating the right materials and supervising renovations, and being present and personally meeting with clients to consult them honestly on their best real estate options.

We believe : “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” (Proverbs 22:1).


A Message From Scott

“We acknowledge that not only is selling your home a financial choice but also an emotional decision. We exist to help you sell fast and hassle free. We buy Lehigh Valley homes with professionalism and believe in the value of honest, ethical business practices. In addition to the high level of service you will receive while working with ReStart Homes, we can offer various offers for your situation to save you time and money.”

Scott Holwick


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How ReStart Homes Can Help You

Restart Homes LLC is committed to helping homeowners like you find solutions to your real estate problems. Avoiding foreclosure in Lehigh Valley? Going through probate process here in PA? No matter the situation…we can help! We buy houses from homeowners facing these challenges and more. ReStart Homes is trusted by homeowners all over the Allentown Bethlehem Easton area.


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